[hackspacebristol] What to get for £500 from the Arduino Workshop?

David Henshall david_henshall at lineone.net
Thu Aug 4 20:46:53 UTC 2011

Hi All,

Following the Arduino Workshop we will have £500 we can spend on the Hackspace.

How might you like to do this?

Follow the link below to our brand new Wiki and add your suggestions to the list.


You will need to register to edit the wiki

We can take suggestions for a fortnight (till the 18th August) we can then vote for what to do/get,

Adam has pointe to a Rapid PCB etching kit. We could buy one or a couple of these to be getting on with until we decide what to do longer term.
Details can be found on the Shopping list page.  

All the best,

David H

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