[hackspacebristol] National Civic Day

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Mon May 2 18:00:47 UTC 2011

  Bristol Civic Society are organising an event on National Civic Day, 25th June, which is about celebrating the city where you live.  They say:

Our theme in Bristol is to celebrate our public spaces. We plan, amongst other things, a big “Teddy Bears Picnic” event in the “Bear Pit” at St James Barton Roundabout and wherever you are in Bristol to make the day a mass participation event using digital media (mobile phones, Facebook, Twitter etc) to enable the general public to send messages, photos, videos and pinpoint their location from other public spaces in Bristol but we need your help. Our hope is to display an online interactive map showing activity across the city, on a screen in the Bear Pit, and if possible the big screen in Millennium Square.  We hope to come up with something that will catch the imagination of everyone in Bristol.

  They'll need some technical help and advice - so on the evening of Tuesday 17th May we will be holding a combined Unskillswap/Dorkbot meeting in the Pervasive Media Studio.  Dorkbot/Bristol Hackspace have already started thinking about weird installations they might build and show off in the Bear Pit during the day but the Civic Society will need help and advice in connecting together the various activities across the city.  If you have ideas - please come along on Tuesday 17th.


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