[hackspacebristol] [dorkbotbristol-blabber] Audio Synthesis

John Honniball coredump at gifford.co.uk
Tue May 3 15:32:50 UTC 2011

Richard Sewell wrote:
> Dan - we (John H, Phill, me) did a bunch of this on Arduino for the 
> Pisano Wheels and worldomusic projects.

This little filter circuit might be useful if you want to
improve on the R-C filter that we used:


It adds a couple of inductors to make a better filter.

> If you'd like to have a play, I could drag the worldomusic hardware over 
> to Bristol, or you could find the Pisano Wheels which I think John has 
> in protective custody.

At least one Pisano wheel was last seen in the Hackspace.  It
may need new AA batteries, of course.

John Honniball
coredump at gifford.co.uk

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