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Forgot to CC the list on this.

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You are most welcome to do this. The alternative to joining one of our
hackspace evenings (every Thursday night 7pm onwards at BV Studios) would be
to present at Dorkbot (every 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Pervasive Media
Studio). No need to arrange anything really. Just maybe make announcement on
the relevant mailing list[1][2] before you show up.




On 11 May 2011 12:04, Andrew Dudley <andrew.dudley at rolanddg.co.uk> wrote:

> Name: Andrew Dudley
> Email: andrew.dudley at rolanddg.co.uk
> Subject: New Small Milling Machine
> Message: Hi,
> One of my colleagues has mentioned your group, and having a quick
> look at your website it may be a good fit.
> We are launching a new small cnc milling machine at the end of this
> year for the home hobbiest use. We exhibited at the Gadget show this
> year (perhaps one of your group saw the machine?) and are interested
> to get feedback from potential users.
> If possible I could bring the machine to one of your open evenings
> and chat to anyone who may be interested in the machine. Also you can
> tell me what you would be looking for as a group.
> If nothing else comes from this it's some cool new product that you
> can get have a look at.
> So, if your interested please let me know what date/time would be
> appropriate. We are based in Clevedon so only about 25 mins from
> Bedminster.
> Regards
> Andrew Dudley
> Business Manager - 3D & Consumer, Roland DG UK Ltd
> IP:
> HOST: 85-189-212-66.mancomm.managedbroadband.co.uk
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