[hackspacebristol] Ferrofluid

toby toby at turboisland.co.uk
Mon May 23 10:07:29 UTC 2011

I did a bit of messing around with the cornflour / speaker / signal
generator a few years back. Amusing but messy! With that in mind I suggest
making the ferrofluid in someone else's house..



On 23 May 2011 11:02, "Chocolate Jon" <chocojon at blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:

Regrettably, I find things to build / links on the Internet and not worry
too much about the details. I don't have a fume cupboard but I think we
could build one with the stuff around Hackspace. I'm thinking Perspex front,
wooden walls, stove heater type thing, big fan and a fair bit of ingenuity.

The reason for the link was that some new people arrived on the last
Hackspace and expressed an interest in making something with Ferrofluid (if
I remember correctly). Something along these lines:

One thing that the new people did organise was cornflour and water on a
loudspeaker cone to look something like this:
Didn't work optimally but it was pretty close to that considering the speed
with which it was made.


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> Jon - that looks both cheap and easy. If it works we should be able to
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