[hackspacebristol] Does anyone have an Arduino Nano to borrow at short notice

Doug Smith bigdougsmith at googlemail.com
Thu May 26 09:22:21 UTC 2011

Just saw your email.

I've got a couple of spare nanos kicking around that you are welcome to

I hadn't intended to be at the hackspace, but I'm sure we can sort something
out if you don't find anyone else with one.


On 25 May 2011 21:34, "David Henshall" <david_henshall at lineone.net> wrote:
> Does anybody have an Arduino Nano I could borrow at short notice? I have a
student making a presentation on Friday. The board he has isn't working at
the moment. There isn't enough time for him to order another.
> I can pick it up from the hackspace on Thursday if anybody can help. The
board would be retuned the following week.
> Hope to hear a response...
> David H
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