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'Demystifying Robotics' Pitching
To those who might be interested the students will be pitching their
initial ideas for the joint UoB/UWE/Watershed project – Demystifying
Robotics – a BBC Micro for the 21st Century tomorrow.

Each group will present 2-3 concept ideas aimed to excite 13-14yr olds in
understanding robotic/computing concepts. They will spend 5 minutes max
describing each idea for feedback from the lecturers, other groups and
hopefully any of you who might be interested hearing their ideas. If you
can attend any feedback you might have on their concept ideas would be
greatly appreciated by the students.

The event will take place in the presentation events area of the new
PMStudio from 2-5pm tomorrow (Thursday).

We hope to see you there,

Dr. Kirsten Cater, Mr. David Henshall & Mr. Kurt Gauss

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