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CNC Router - that's awesome! Let me know when you have a training - I'll be


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On Fri, Nov 4, 2011 at 12:16 PM, matthew venn <matt at mattvenn.net> wrote:

> Hi all, just a few admin type things:
> 1/- I got the scrap metal pile picked up and removed.
> 2/- I've been offered a large industrial type chest of drawers; about 1.5m
> tall, 1m wide and 0.5m deep with only 4 draws in. How about we sort the big
> pile by the double door and stick what we want into the drawers? Sound
> good? If so I can get the drawers delivered in the next couple of weeks.
> 3/- The weller soldering iron I bought off ebay is temperature controlled,
> but the oldschool magnetic bit type. Is it OK to put this on the expenses
> and tick it off on our want list or is it not good enough for folks who
> wanted the more easy dial type control) weren't that impressed.
> 4/- I've bought a CNC router (made by routoutuk) it has a bed size of
> 50cm2 with a z of 8cm. It's going to live in the studio next door, all
> going well. I'll be happy to give training and make it available for
> trained hackspace members.
> Cheers,
> Matt
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