[hackspacebristol] Sunday - a time of reflection and quiet contemplation...

David Child dchild at iee.org
Sun Nov 13 00:05:50 UTC 2011

...but if you've had enough quiet contemplation for one weekend, you 
might prefer to come to the Hackspace and blow something up instead!

I will be ambling down there about 2pm and shall be sitting quietly 
fiddling with the Matrix for approximately 2 hours and 6 minutes.  But 
if anyone wants to relive the thrill of hooking up an electrolytic cap 
the wrong way round on a DC power supply, then please feel free to join 
me and whoop to your heart's content.  Or you may just prefer to do 
something less exciting instead... I understand songs of praise is on 
the telly tomorrow - tough call...



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