[hackspacebristol] Hackspacebristol Digest, Vol 30, Issue 8

hackspace at altern8.demon.co.uk hackspace at altern8.demon.co.uk
Mon Nov 14 14:07:05 UTC 2011

Kaspar Bumke wrote:
> Speaking of PCs I donated my Desktop a while back. It is the black case
> with the 19" widescreen TFT in the corner. It seems it is all set up now
> but doesn't seem to be getting that much use.

  Actually it gets used lots - both Matt and I use it regularly and Dan also uses it sometimes - to the extent that we were thinking we actually needed another machine in the Hackspace when more than one of us is in!

  If you definitely want it back - please can you give us some notice so we can make sure we've copied our stuff off and set up a suitable replacement.

James Womack wrote:
> If anyone is throwing out ~3 identical Pentium 4 or above motherboards
> (with or without cases and PSUs), I would be happy to rehome them. I'm
> trying to gather the hardware to build a small compute cluster but am
> having trouble sourcing 3 or more identical units for the compute nodes.

Joe Of Loath wrote:
> If they're still there, the stack of beige celeron boxes I brought in
> are P4 compatible.

  Some of them got used but I think there are still at least 3 left on the shelf if you want them.


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