[hackspacebristol] Raspberry Pi

Paul Maddox yo at VacoLoco.net
Sun Nov 20 13:45:24 UTC 2011


  Thanks! I'm a bit curious about the GPIO, in particular access to the I2S, SPI and UART... it seems the new PCB, with it's 26pin GPIO connector, has I2S and SPI, but I can't see if the new board has a UART header.

  I think it's still worth buying a couple of them (one to replace my mac mini for playing movies, and one for development/tinkering).


On 20 Nov 2011, at 13:14, Barney Livingston wrote:

> On Sunday 20 Nov 2011 13:04:12 Paul Maddox wrote:
>> Guys,
>>  has anyone got any details on this? I found the website
>> (http://www.raspberrypi.org/), but very little in the way of spec's, tool
>> chain and so on.
> This is probably the page you want:
> http://elinux.org/RaspberryPiBoard
> Barney
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