[hackspacebristol] Mill names.

David Henshall david_henshall at lineone.net
Mon Nov 28 23:20:03 UTC 2011

On 28 Nov 2011, at 22:11, Rye Kennedy wrote:

> Well I wouldn't name it: MezzoMill
> http://www.mezzomill.com/MezzoMill/Home.html
> This came across the Austin Hackerspace email group today as the guy was going to bring into the hackerspace there for feedback.  At almost an order of magnitude more in price he better have some good software!
> I think you guys should be pretty proud of what you've made for the money. 

This pretty much looks like a Mantis, same shape scale etc. The box construction at the front looks like a sound dampening device for the drill.

Interesting to see a commercialisation of a plywood design.

David H

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