[hackspacebristol] Unwanted Paper

Richard Sewell richard at jarkman.co.uk
Mon Oct 17 09:09:03 UTC 2011

I generaly keep a few of the better ones to put on the wall the next 
time we have Sketchy running, but I don't think there's any other use 
for them.


On 17/10/2011 09:33, Katie Dumont wrote:
> Hey,
> Just realised when we were packing up I put loads of the unwanted 
> sketchy drawings in the sketchy box, but if no one whats them and they 
> will be thrown away then I wouldn't mind some as I've just realised I 
> had to put my quilt making project on hold as I ran out of paper to 
> cut up into hexagons. Thought I'd check if they are to be kept though, 
> and say early incase they get thrown away before Thursday!
> Thanks, Katie
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