[hackspacebristol] Microscopes

John Honniball coredump at gifford.co.uk
Sun Oct 23 12:40:05 UTC 2011

Richard Sewell wrote:
> While shopping for some other microscope bits, I just stumbled across 
> the DM6 here:
> http://www.brunelmicroscopessecure.co.uk/acatalog/Brunel_Microscopes_DM_Low_Power_hand_lenses_28.html#a772 
> which is a cheap but decent-looking stereo microscope.
> Just in case the Hackspace wanted one of its own. after our 
> surface-mount frenzy on Thursday...

Looks like a good 'un!  My version was from eBay a couple of years
ago, and has two magnification settings: 20x and 40x. That's
actually 10x in the eyepieces and 2x or 4x in the objectives,
which are fixed to a rotating turret. I find 20x to be ample for
SMT soldering, and 40x just too much magnification. I think we
did everything on Thursday at 20x.

My photos of the evening are, as ever, on Flickr:


And the Hackspace photo group:


John Honniball
coredump at gifford.co.uk

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