[hackspacebristol] Attracting New Members?

Dominic Morrow chickengrylls at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 23:48:27 UTC 2012

Hello All

I had a very enjoyable evening at the Hackspace tonight! Thought I'd share
a couple of bits I thought were good from Nottingham Hackspace.

First off is the bookmark we had printed up. We made about 500 I think the
first time and we've just order 2000 it's attached to this email as a png
file. We took them to loads of places like craft shops, Maplin, hardware
stores, trade counters, libraries and so on.

Also in November one of the trustees called David Hayward made this
excellent .pdf as a members handbook


We probably haven't done enough with these things to be honest. We also
have a system for greeting new people to the space we use a huge rubber
duck we've named Ein (no I don't know why)


and whoever has that is supposed to look out for new people. Thinking about
this tonight has prompted me to actually put that information on the
Nottinghack webpages so other people actually know this too!

Look forward to seeing you all maybe next week!


Nottingham Hackspace/Bristol Hackspace/Derby Makers/Hackspace Foundation
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