[hackspacebristol] Server, PC, components are boxes available to hackspace and/or members

Marcus Valentine marcus at marcusv.org
Sun Mar 11 17:57:14 UTC 2012

The density of stuff packed into my workshop at home is such that I am 
concerned a singularity might be formed. I wonder if the hackspace or 
individuals might be interested in any of the following:

1U Intel rack mount server, with CPU 2 x Pentium III, 2 GB RAM, 2 x 36 
GB SCSI hot swap drives, optical drive, gigabit ethernet. Also spare 
chassis with spare power supply, fan try, front panel etc.

Dell Optiplex desktop PC, CPU Intel Pentium III EB 733
CPU NSSI benchmarks:
    445 MDhrystones/s CPU benchmark
   166 MWhetstones/s FPU benchmark
Graphics memory 4MB, Main Memory 256 MB, CD drive, floppy drive, no hard 

Vintage Blackstar LED frequency counter, good to 600 MHz (allegedly).

Box of assorted SMD components, R, C and Ls, all sizes from 0402 to 1206 
and larger. Some small reels and strips, all bagged and labelled.

Quantity of small diecast boxes containing selection of RF circuits 
(frequency synthesisers, mixers, filters etc). These can be removed to 
reuse the the boxes.

Power supply, cage type. Mains in, 48V at 6A out.

2 off 2U 19" rack mount cases, 14" deep. Some holes drilled but few 
enough to make reuse perfectly feasible.



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