[hackspacebristol] Server, PC, components are boxes available to hackspace and/or members

Richard Sewell richard at jarkman.co.uk
Mon Mar 12 19:23:05 UTC 2012

And I can find a good home for the rackmount server and the 19" cases, 
if nobody else wants them.


On 11/03/2012 17:57, Marcus Valentine wrote:
> The density of stuff packed into my workshop at home is such that I am 
> concerned a singularity might be formed. I wonder if the hackspace or 
> individuals might be interested in any of the following:
> 1U Intel rack mount server, with CPU 2 x Pentium III, 2 GB RAM, 2 x 36 
> GB SCSI hot swap drives, optical drive, gigabit ethernet. Also spare 
> chassis with spare power supply, fan try, front panel etc.
> Dell Optiplex desktop PC, CPU Intel Pentium III EB 733
> CPU NSSI benchmarks:
>    445 MDhrystones/s CPU benchmark
>   166 MWhetstones/s FPU benchmark
> Graphics memory 4MB, Main Memory 256 MB, CD drive, floppy drive, no 
> hard drive.
> Vintage Blackstar LED frequency counter, good to 600 MHz (allegedly).
> Box of assorted SMD components, R, C and Ls, all sizes from 0402 to 
> 1206 and larger. Some small reels and strips, all bagged and labelled.
> Quantity of small diecast boxes containing selection of RF circuits 
> (frequency synthesisers, mixers, filters etc). These can be removed to 
> reuse the the boxes.
> Power supply, cage type. Mains in, 48V at 6A out.
> 2 off 2U 19" rack mount cases, 14" deep. Some holes drilled but few 
> enough to make reuse perfectly feasible.
> Best
> Marcus
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