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Tue Mar 13 14:05:31 UTC 2012

*  Many thanks to everyone who participated in the Arduino workshop at the weekend - Matt says the feedback is very positive and it looks like everyone had a good time.

*  Unfortunately we've had to cancel March 23rd's Dorkbot meeting because there aren't any Pervasive Media Studio residents available to run it :(  Back in April :)

*  I got this message from Little Paul (who I hope, one day, will come and demonstrate some of his old phone exchanges at Dorkbot).  Anyone interested, follow the link and let him know.


Paul wrote:
---- 8< --------------

Hi all,

At The Dean Forrest Railway (Lydney, Gloucestershire, UK) we've replaced our
old PA system, and the old one (which is mostly Tannoy/Grampian and was
originally donated to us by British Rail) is up for disposal.

We don't want to see it go to the tip if we can avoid it but time is running
out and anything we don't rehome by the 2nd April will go to the tip.

For details of the equipment being disposed of, and how we're planning to
run the disposals process - please see this blog post:

It's being disposed of on a "collection only" basis as it's all rather heavy
and we're not prepared to arrange a courrier.  Not all of it is in working
order, and nothing comes with a warranty (although some of it does come with

If you've got any questions, either leave a comment on the blog post or email
disposals at paulseward.com and I'll do my best to find an answer for you.

Please pass this email on to anyone who you think might be interested in this
kit.  I'd rather someone picked it up (even if they just plan to sell it on)
than see it go to landfill.

Anyone who comes to collect it will be given a guided tour of out 1950s
electromechanical phone exchange (if they want one!)


Paul Seward - http://www.paulseward.com

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