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Barney Livingston barney at barnoid.org.uk
Thu Mar 22 00:29:36 UTC 2012

Hello All,

At the AGM I agreed to take on some PR duties, as such I've decided some 
tweaks to the logo would be beneficial. My reasoning for the design of new 
logo is as follows:

- It's a bit more distinctive than the plain wonky H while still being simple.
- It's nicely CNC or laserable and the results will fit together as gears.
- It's single colour, good for t-shirt prints and stamps for Hackspace 
- It can be further simplified by leaving the text out, which is good for when 
it's really small.
- It still works as a replacement O in Bristol for the website.

So before rolling this out I'm posting it here to see if anyone has any 
objections. Some of you saw it at the space a few weeks ago along with an 
alternative chain-based logo and opinion seemed positive for this one.

Speak now or forever hold your etc.

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