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Roger Shepherd rog at rcjd.net
Thu Mar 22 07:00:20 UTC 2012


As a long time inactive hackspace member I'd like to suggest one more goal
for the logo.

  - suitable for use on PCBs

I know of one company that had to redesign its original logo because the
logo violated various PCB design rules and wasn't manufacturable. It's a
long time since I had anything to do with PCB design and manufacture, but
it looks to me that there are things to check. Even with text would be
omitted there could be problems - the dimension of the solid part of the
logo between the corner of the "H" and the boundary looks small; maybe the
"T" (bottom and top of the H) is too thin.

Anyhow, it's not my call and if you think PCBs aren't an issue, or that
everything's OK, that's fine by me. I just wanted to mention it in case. I
really do appreciate that you're taking the time to do this.

All the best


On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 12:29 AM, Barney Livingston
<barney at barnoid.org.uk>wrote:

> Hello All,
> At the AGM I agreed to take on some PR duties, as such I've decided some
> tweaks to the logo would be beneficial. My reasoning for the design of new
> logo is as follows:
> - It's a bit more distinctive than the plain wonky H while still being
> simple.
> - It's nicely CNC or laserable and the results will fit together as gears.
> - It's single colour, good for t-shirt prints and stamps for Hackspace
> Passports.
> - It can be further simplified by leaving the text out, which is good for
> when
> it's really small.
> - It still works as a replacement O in Bristol for the website.
> So before rolling this out I'm posting it here to see if anyone has any
> objections. Some of you saw it at the space a few weeks ago along with an
> alternative chain-based logo and opinion seemed positive for this one.
> Speak now or forever hold your etc.
> Barney
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