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sounds like it might be a matter of cleaning up the mesh by hand, complication with people is that they might move slightly

seems easier to rotate the subject, though having a circular rail might be a way to move the kinect and keep the subject still.
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I may have things wrong, I often do, but the version of fusion for window Kinect allows the direct creation of an STL file, it seems tidy and requires far less tidying than other packages that I’ve used.
Any scanning I’ve done has had a seam where you pass over previously scanned volumes, if somebody knows how to avoid this I’d like to know how to achieve this (I’ve tried users on swivel chairs : { ).
Given this I’ve a feeling that if we wish to scan people some kind of scanning rig would be useful – we could also do this as a fund raiser and produce different size prints for things such as create your own Lego head and key fobs for parents/grandparents.
I think it would be useful for us to have the suggest scanning event then we could pool experiences, see what differences there exist between the 360 and windows Kinect and take a look at whether a clean scan can be achieved by hand and whether a rig would be useful. This could then give us an idea of what we might want to buy into.
Once again I can bring down my windows Kinect and a laptop with a graphics card with the umph to use it if we want to have an evening of swapping experiences.
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    For the record I am all in favour of the Hackspace buying a Kinect to use for 3D scanning. It would fit nicely into the things we have available for members use. That's just what they had on the Microsoft stand at the Gadget Show. A Kinect to scan the little ones, Kinect Fusion to grab the data and Netfab to gen the STL for a Makerbot to print. A similar setup is easily within our capabilities given the tech we already have. David (W), can we agree that purchase one for general use from club funds? It shouldn't cost that much. 
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