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adam armfield adamairmailed at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 9 06:42:57 UTC 2013

you can get some big model tracks, might be an expensive way to do it, having a quick look it's £55 for a 600mm circles worthof brass track

though wooden toy track is cheaper: http://www.dhresource.com/albu_317585122_00-1.0x0/wooden-train-tracks-car-toy-toy-kid-wooden.jpg 

thing is it'd need to be smooth motion & if it moved vertically too fairly robust

All the best


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Mark Palmer wrote:
> seems easier to rotate the subject, though having a circular rail might be a way to move the kinect and keep the subject still.
> Yes I was certainly thinking in this way. As of yet I haven’t spotted anything that could easily form a circular rail….

Model railway tracks? Or would they do too small?

-- John Honniball

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