[hackspacebristol] REF Mitch Altmans visit

Tarim hackspace at mediaplaygrounds.co.uk
Tue Apr 9 15:56:33 UTC 2013

Russell Dicken wrote:
> Do we have any firm date for his visit? Any more news on this?

  Yes, we now have final details :)  Mitch has put his UK tour dates on

  The key Bristol events are:
Thurs, 9-May 	Bristol Hackspace 	7:00pm
Fri, 10-May 	Pervasive Media Studio 	1:00-2:00pm 	Lunchtime Talk:
"Hackerspaces, and the Pluses and Minuses of Technology"
Sat, 11-May 	Bristol Hackspace 	12:00-3:00pm 	Solder Workshop

  We have the option of using the PM Studio for the Solder Workshop but
hopefully we should have the extra space available for doing it at the
Hackspace by then.

  We need to decide how much to charge for the solder workshop.  Last time
Mitch did a workshop in Bristol I think it was £20 or £10 for Hackspace
Members.  I seem to remember that it was designed so that it was the
same price to sign up to the Hackspace for a month as to come as a

  We can discuss the details at the Monday Hackspace meeting at 7pm at the
PM Studio.  We will need people to do publicity and the Hackspace to get
equipment for the workshop (mostly soldering irons).


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