[hackspacebristol] Yuri's Night 2013

Tarim hackspace at mediaplaygrounds.co.uk
Thu Apr 11 12:33:55 UTC 2013

   Michael, Helen and Heidi are organising a little shindig this Friday in
the Pervasive Media Studio for Yuri's Night:

   Every year on April 12th people from around the world gather to
celebrate the first human spaceflight - come join us this Friday at 8pm
in the Pervasive Media Studio.

   Lots of geeky space fun including a showing of First Orbit, a
recreation of Yuri Gagarin's first orbit of the earth, Andy Spaceland
and his intergalactic disco, spacey drink and food fantasia, and more!

   Tickets are free, but as they're limiting capacity please book one on
the eventbrite link here:


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