[hackspacebristol] Once a month idea

Richard Sewell richard at jarkman.co.uk
Fri Apr 12 10:01:04 UTC 2013

Sounds like a great idea. I especially like the skill-set-expanding aspect.


On 12/04/2013 10:44, Michelle wrote:
> Hi there folks.
> I had fun talking to some people who just turned up and wanted to find 
> out a bit more.  they were pretty excited and it seemed like they were 
> up for signing up right away.  Fingers crossed.
> I have an idea I have wanted to do for a while.  Basically, I am 
> an instructables fan, like a lot of us are I'm sure.  I get the email 
> and there are always things I'd like to do but for many 
> procrastinating reasons I don't do them.
> Is there any interest in setting up a once a month project night? 
>  Where we take a smallish project that is manageable in a few hours, 
> pre-planned so we have the required bits and bobs and have collected 
> all the tools required to put it together.
> We could try to make things that enhance the hackspace in some way, 
> shelves?   a disco ball that spins when someone tweets the doorbell? 
>  a bookshelf for around the new space with laser cut brackets?    I 
> recently did some silicone casting of nuts and bolts and made 
> chocolate nuts and bolts.  They even thread together!  Maybe not 
> hackspace relevant but not previously in my skill set.  Just for fun.
> Everyone could submit an idea for something to be done and we could 
> vote on it.  This would bring together different skill sets and help 
> others catch up on other skills sets.
> Obviously, as I'm suggesting it I would take on most of the organising 
> it but would need some help and support, especially where the project 
> is geek heavy.  The costs would be project dependent.
> Thanks for reading.
> Michelle ;)
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