[hackspacebristol] How should we use the new space we have ?

David Stewart captain.vice at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 11:34:34 UTC 2013

The partition wall came down last night and we now have a much larger
space. Rather than just let it fill up with more stuff without any planning
is this the time to have a look at how we use all of the space we have and
come up with a better layout ?

I'd really like some workstations set up  - each with an iron, some tools,
meter etc. At the moment we only have space for 1 or 2 people to be
soldering at the same time. I'd also like to have a look at the stuff that
hasn't moved/been touched/or used in a long time and ask ourselves if we
really need it and if it is the best use of space. Maybe it is time for
another weekend clear-out ?

What would everyone else like to see in our extended Hackspace ?

Scottish Dave

PS I also think we need some more tables/workbenches
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