[hackspacebristol] How should we use the new space we have ?

adam armfield adamairmailed at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 12 12:14:07 UTC 2013

would make sense to have the current soldering area as "the soldering bit", and put workstations either on the central tables or organise the side tables so this can be done - those tables in the middle are big enough that irons etc can be pushed into the middle if someone wants to do something else on the table - like use a laptop

side plus middle tables would give about 4-6 spaces which is probably enough.

do people use that pc with the big screen as a reference? otherwise could be put with the others
All the best


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The partition wall came down last night and we now have a much larger space. Rather than just let it fill up with more stuff without any planning is this the time to have a look at how we use all of the space we have and come up with a better layout ?

I'd really like some workstations set up  - each with an iron, some tools, meter etc. At the moment we only have space for 1 or 2 people to be soldering at the same time. I'd also like to have a look at the stuff that hasn't moved/been touched/or used in a long time and ask ourselves if we really need it and if it is the best use of space. Maybe it is time for another weekend clear-out ?

What would everyone else like to see in our extended Hackspace ? 

Scottish Dave

PS I also think we need some more tables/workbenches

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