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Doug Smith bigdougsmith at googlemail.com
Sun Apr 14 10:46:49 UTC 2013

I've laser cut mirrored acrylic with no problems.

I made a kaleidoscope using this stuff...

As I recall it's just under 3mm thick, has a matte grey plasticy finish on
the non mirrored side. I used the settings I normally use for 4mm glodex
acrylic shed glass. It worked well.

I didn't stare into the laser when cutting, but then I generally avoid
doing that anyhow ;)

[image: Inline images 1]

This uses a 30 degree taper to make the reflection plane curve back on
itself to form a sphere and a cashpoint advice slip as a translucent object
of interest. The shooting rays are artifacts from the edges of the mirrors.



On 14 April 2013 11:06, Tom Gardner <tggzzz+hs at gmail.com> wrote:

>  matthew venn wrote:
>  On 12 April 2013 14:30, John Minton <contact-form at bristol.hackspace.org>wrote:
>> Name: John Minton
>> I've got a project which will require laser cutting A4 3mm Mirrored
>> Acrylic into various segments.
> British Telecom labs used to show new employees truly gruesome videos
> of what can happen with lasers - some specifically including metal
> acting as a mirror. There were reports of people vomiting after viewing it.
> If you weren't frightened, you were a dangerous idiot. Much nastier
> than chuck keys left in lathes when they were started up.
> They also had signs around the labs stating "*Do Not Look Into The Laser *
> *
> **With Your Remaining Eye*". People Got The Message.
> IIRC the laser cabinet has a window panel. Do the manufacturers state
> that the laser beam cannot escape through the window?
> Do the manufacturers specifically state that it is OK to cut metal and
> mirrors?
> IMNSHO it would be wise to attach a placard defining how to use (and
> not use) the cutter safely to the cutter itself. If there is an accident,
> it
> often becomes necessary to demonstrate that "good practice" was
> being followed; if not the insurance company might be able to deflect
> financial responsibility, potentially onto the directors.
> Of course, having such info readily to hand also reduces the chances
> of an accident, which is most valuable in itself.
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