[hackspacebristol] Contact: Laser Cutter

Tom Gardner tggzzz+hs at gmail.com
Sun Apr 14 11:35:05 UTC 2013

Doug Smith wrote:

I've laser cut mirrored acrylic with no problems.

The *precise* wording of that statement *taken in isolation* is similar to
"I've driven off in my car without looking with no problem". Yes, I realise
I'm probably reading far more into that statement than you intended!

Much more important is the note from Matt Venn indicating that mirrored
acrylic is acceptable. Fine.

  I didn't stare into the laser when cutting, but then I generally avoid
doing that anyhow ;)

You wouldn't make flip jokes about laser safety if you had seen those
videos. Nor if you had watched people die, which I have.

We shouldn't allow others, particularly newbies and youngsters, to get into
the mindset that safety is a joke.

Apart from that your kaleidoscope is pretty and a nice hack!
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