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i think theres already a list on ours.

All the best


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On Sunday 14 Apr 2013 16:22:18 Tom Gardner wrote:
> Dominic Morrow wrote:
> > The window in the top of the laser is more than adequate for defusing the
> > very week and focused beam of our 40w laser.
> If you can see an image through the window then the window is demonstrably *
> not* diffusing light!

I was under the impression that the lid of the laser cutter is opaque to the 
infrared light of the laser beam. I very much hope that's true given the 
amount of time I've spent staring at laser cutters working.

As for the original idea of a list of laser cuttable materials displayed 
somewhere near the laser, I think it's a good idea. Perhaps a few reminder 
points on safe laser operation as well. Also a big sign saying "NOT FOR USE BY 
PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT BEEN INDUCTED (INDUCED?)" And similar signs on the lathes, 
CNC, etc.

Brighton keep a list of people who have had laser training on their wiki. 
Maybe we should do the same?


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