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Ah ok, my bad


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I’d recommend you come down on a Thursday and we will sort you out! (Look for Paul)

That's strongly beneficial, necessary but not (in my experience) sufficient.

Can I humbly suggest that it might be useful to have a standard "welcome to hackspace" email that is sent to a new member (or potential member) immediately after they give their email address to someone on a Thursday night. 

What might be in the email? Anything that might deflect a few FAQs, e.g.
time/purpose of regular meetings
who to contact about banking details (and maybe the bank details themselves?)
different communication mechanisms, and how to find/use them (e.g. URI/URLs, membership process)
outline of safety procedures

Please note that this is in no way a criticism of the people that volunteer their time to do the unglamourous back-office work. Rather is it a suggestion as to how a simple procedure might save some of their valuable time and effort. I am prepared to help draft such an email, but I would want significant input from long-standing members.
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