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the google group can function like a message board - you can choose whether or not mail is delivered and just browse threads of interest - if there were enough threads on there to make this worthwhile

some mail clients have a threaded facility which makes more sense for a list like this with a fair amount of traffic on - you could have a message board with no change needed at the backend then

also worth mentioning is http://www.nabble.com/ this allows lists to be turned into forums - people can use nabble like a forum and others can still communicate via the list - it's a good compromise in my view
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Occam's Razor Rules!

David Stewart wrote:

I like the idea of a message board - does anyone smarter than me want to set one up ? 
It is always worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of having multiple communication mechanisms. More mechanisms means even more places to have to look to possibly find information, more chances to miss information, and new search mechanisms to be implemented or learned.

IMHO it is worth setting up a new comms mechanism (e.g. a bulletin board) only if it has advantages that can't be obtained via existing mechanisms (e.g. email in a non-digest format). 

For example, I've only recently been informed there is a "google group"
 -- which is of course entirely separate from usenet groups on groups.google.com.

So, for a bulletin board  in the context of hackspace Bristol, what would be the killer advantage or, to lapse into marketing-speak, the unique selling point.

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