[hackspacebristol] shrimp/arduino workshop on Sunday 8th

matthew venn matt at mattvenn.net
Sun Dec 1 14:17:29 UTC 2013

Hi there, I've put this on the google group but thought I'd post here too.

We're running a 1 day shrimp/arduino <http://shrimping.it/blog/> course at
the hackspace this Sunday. You'll learn about building an electronic
circuit, microcontrollers and programming.

We'll finish by making an arduino compatible POV display to take with you
(that can be reprogrammed at home).

[image: Inline images 1]

If you'd like to book or volunteer please let me know ASAP!
I'll be sending out promotional stuff to the public tomorrow.

Details are: Sunday 8th, 12 to 5pm at the hackspace. Tickets are £25 per
hackspace member, £30 for general public.


Matthew Venn
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