[hackspacebristol] Tools for algorithmic .stl file generation ?

Tom Gardner tggzzz+hs at gmail.com
Fri Dec 6 21:26:10 UTC 2013

I'd have a serious look at both OpenSCAD and simply generating the .stl
file in the programming language of your choice.

OpenSCAD is great if you can easily express your object:

   - extrusions of arbitrary shapes captured from a scanner
   - distorted standard shapes such as circles and squares
   - as the "sum" or "difference" of other objects

and there are many libraries around (of varying quality), e.g. to draw
glyphs etc

OTOH, if you are starting with a mathematical function, then a conventional
language may be best. There are standalone viewers for stl files, so you
can check what you've created.

On 6 December 2013 20:24, Richard Sewell <richard at jarkman.co.uk> wrote:

> I have a thing I want to 3d-print, which is really a surface defined by an
> equation. so, I need to define an objec thwich is a thin shell in the shape
> of that surface.
> Obviously, I need to end up with an .stl file, and I'm going to need to
> write some code in something, but I'm not sure what the simplest tools are
> to get me from here to there. Anyone done this before ? Any pointers ?
> thanks,
> Richard
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