[hackspacebristol] New metal orientated workspace / laser cutter induction please

Michelle Michelle at flaminglotus.com
Wed Dec 11 11:29:53 UTC 2013

Good morning.

I would love to do a laser cutter induction over the next week if someone
is able to do it for me please.  Fri morning or maybe Monday would be cool
if at all possible.

Also,  if anyone has any making requirements that need to make a bit of a
mess or to use hot work equipment such as casting / welding / metalwork....
I have moved into a new workshop space close to Temple Meads (On the corner
of Sussex street opposite Limbs n things) and we will be aiming to do some
open workshop evenings in the New Year for donations.

If you want to access a bit of space to do a quick bit of building then get
in touch.  This will be charged for but reasonable.   You are welcome to
drop in for a cup of tea and check out the space but drop me a line first
to make sure I am there.

There may be a full casting course in the new year from this space with Ore
and Ingot.

Michelle  : )


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