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Marcin Bogdański marcin.bogdanski at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 23:48:59 UTC 2013


Just wanted to say hello. I visited you on Thursday and looks like you are
doing a lot of interesting stuff there.

A bit about myself: I'm a robotics passionate myself, especially interested
in mobile robots. I am doing systems design, software, electronics, a bit
of mechanics etc. My day job is for a company building AUV's. In my spare
time I am building flying machines (multirotors/fixed wing, heli).

I'm quite happy to help on technical side.

I'm looking for a place to do a bit of cnc routing and laser cutting.
Mostly structural elements made of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) sheets,
ABS etc.

*I have couple of questions regarding CNC router*
 - what materials do you mill? I'm especially interested in GRP sheets
0.8mm to 3mm thick. I'm open to suggestions regarding using different
material with comparable strength-to-weight ratio.
 - what is a bed size? wiki says 50cm2 which I assume is a mistake as it is
tiny (5x10cm?)
 - would it be possible to do a quick demo on Thursday? Not sure if it
would be full induction, I'm happy either way. I have a part designed in
solidworks, what file format would be suitable?
 - I'm not a member yet, but I would be quite happy joining the group of

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