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matthew venn matt at mattvenn.net
Tue Feb 5 18:52:52 UTC 2013

Hi all,

Rob was in the building today so I had another chat with him. He's been
busy with the second stage of BV studios and also with personal illness.

It would be better if we had a more direct form of communication with him,
but I think for now this is as good as it's going to get.

Here's what he said (which I wrote down so as not to forget anything)

   1. don't bother venting on the pavement side of the building, it won't
   2. the hackspace undertakes that:
      1. users will be inducted, and that the users will know what
      materials are allowed
      2. each material has been checked that it's ok to burn in the laser
      cutter and that our venting is sufficient to satisfy local regulation
   3. it could be helpful to find if there are any 'blue chip' companies or
   universities that do simple venting like we want to, as a precedent.
   4. a signed letter from everyone in g10 to say they are happy with the
   laser cutter being used in there.

I think we can fairly easily do 1,2.1 and 4. What we need is 2.2 solved.

How's this for a plan? Any volunteers?

   1. getting those material data sheets on the wiki (Dominic?)
   2. checking the local regulator for exhaust fumes as per the data sheets
   3. find out what height we need to vent at. Fingers crossed it's less
   than the height of the window in G10
   4. Get all info to Rob
   5. install a vent in g10's window.


Matthew Venn
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