[hackspacebristol] Hackspace access + Dorkbot on Tuesday

David Henshall david_henshall at lineone.net
Wed Feb 13 00:22:23 UTC 2013

A good location for general discussion about potential new spaces for the Hackspace along with any other topic for general discussion would be Dorkbot.

It's on next Tuesday the 19th of Feb from 7.00pm at the Pervasive Media Studio! Please do come along if you can make it.

As an alternative to discussing things on the list (which may be somewhat too public) or in the Hackspace (which is a bit small for a general discussion) Dorkbot can provide a more amenable atmosphere. Plenty of space in the studio along with the Watersheds adjoining bar serving refreshments to suit all. 

Dorkbot is for anyone interested in technology and what can be done with it from the Scientific to the Artistic. 

The Mini Maker Faire is on it's way as well as thoughts and ideas about the hackspace. Both great topics for the evening.
Don't be shy about bringing along any other project you would like to 'show and tell' us about. Technologist like technology! Variety always helps the evening.

Of course if you'd just like to come along to see, all are welcome.

Hope you can make it.

David H

On 12 Feb 2013, at 21:54, Ian Stratford wrote:

>  Hi all.
> I want to raise one of the points from the meeting last week, and get some action on it; that is, that member's access to the hackspace is limited by available keys.
> It is a completely ridiculous situation that members have to beg, cajole and borrow keys from, or arrange times that are convenient to, the small number of keyholders. I firmly believe that it is a very significant reason that we see members dropping out over time, and poor usage of the hackspace; members just find it embarrassing and inconvenient to have to rely on others being there.
> It seems unlikely that we'll ever get 40+ keys for the main door to BV Studios, notwithstanding the £25 deposit on each key. So that's a non starter.
> The glass door that opens directly into the hackspace seems to be our only option. Currently there are a limited number of people who have a key for this door, and as far as I can tell, the building management are not happy for everyone to have a key for this door in it's current state, as it can be left unlocked all too easily.
> There have been a number of suggestions about what we could do to make this door secure, while giving everyone a key. Again afaik any solution has to be approved by the building management, and fitted by their approved locksmith, so unfortunately we can't just hack our own solution (Arduino-controlled text message to open/key on a string behind letter box etc). I believe a quote for fitting an RFID lock was sought, and it came out at £1000+.
> While we COULD afford this, in light of any potential change/move of the hackspace, it seems a simpler solution should be sought, and quickly. Tarim has, on a number of occasions, suggested that we could get the locksmith to fit a lock to the door that automatically locks when the door shuts, and can't be over-ridden. Can we get a consensus that we check with management that this is acceptable, and get a quote for this? I think it very significant that we're going to be trying to attract new members, but have the same old "oh, by the way, you can't get in unless you're on friendly terms with the 'guardians' of the hackspace" conversation.
> Yes, there are probably some issues about how many keys we give out, and who to, but we are not going to be regarded as 'open and inclusive' without solving this most basic of issues.
> Ian
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