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worth remembering that the £25 for a key is a deposit not a charge.

All the best


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I'm sure we can find more secure methods of communicating a lock combination than this mailing list so I won't be so quick to dismiss the option of a combination lock. 
We can then hack up something to augment the security, say for example a raspberry pi with a webcam running motion. I'm willing to donate my night vision enabled Ps3 eye camera as a security camera! 
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>On 12 Feb 2013, at 23:17, john cummings wrote:
>> Ooops
>> Didn't realise this list was publicly available, I'll go ask in a locksmiths what they suggest
>Am I the only one who was slightly disappointed that the first proposal for a lock didn't include an Arduino, some cat5, and plenty of gaffer tape? ;)
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