[hackspacebristol] Vacuum chamber and pump

James Torbett james at torbett.co.uk
Thu Feb 14 13:25:27 UTC 2013


Some colleagues of mine are doing a schools demo on Monday showing how
bubblewrap and marshmallows are affected by low pressure. However the
vacuum chamber we were hoping to use is now availiable. Does anyone have /
know of a suitable small vacuum chamber or have materials e.g. perspex tube
and end caps? Last I looked there was a little vacuum pump in the "please
hack" pile however this was some time ago and I'm not sure if it will have
the pressure requirement as its a little 12v job. Any ideas for either
stuff that exists or commonly availiable things to hack to get the desired
effect. A cheap vacuum cleaner might work but id be worried about it
cutting out due to reduced airflow over the motor.

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