[hackspacebristol] Another woodturning lathe available

David Henshall david_henshall at lineone.net
Sun Feb 17 23:21:27 UTC 2013

Is a wood turning lathe the best use of resources for what the membership want to do?

How about a Micro metal lathe? There is one on ebay for £287.

Here is a ink to a short form to gather feedback.

If there are enough takers I can set up a crowd funding pitch to gather the funds.

It look as though it would be useful as a jobbing machine. Potentially it would get more use than a wood lathe. Admittedly I could do with centre drilling and parting off a number of items for one. I imagine a number of member would have similar requirements.

Despite being a metal lathe, it doesn't need belts changing for speed and it's small chuck size limits the hazard it would cause in general.
Not much trouble for 'risk assessing'.

Would a wood lathe need an induction? When would members be able to use a wood lathe unsupervised?

If we have bigger pieces of kit in use what exactly does the insurance cover, members, 'employees' and or 'directors' ?
Having experience insurers stating that a dust cloud didn't constitute 'weather' when airlines were grounded, it would be useful to get a bit of clarification on this.


David H

On 17 Feb 2013, at 18:38, John Honniball wrote:

> Anton wrote:
>> The big disadvantage of the Record lathe is that it has only 3 speeds. It also uses bronze bearings which can wear out.
> Can the bronze bearings be repaired or replaced when worn?
>> I have a soft spot for old machinery though
> In that case, you should on no account view this web-page:
> http://vintagemachinery.org/
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> John Honniball
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