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Patrick Neave patrick at neavey.net
Tue Feb 19 22:49:48 UTC 2013


> I am changing the seating arrangement in my house. As such, there is a workable 3 seat sofa up for grabs. I can get it to the HackSpace but it will need to be soon. If it isn't wanted it is getting thrown away. It is dark green and has some wear on it and a bit of scuffing due to cats. Having said that, the seats still work find, there's no spring poking through anyway and it isn't unsound as far as I can tell. Should I bring it to HackSpace?

Umm, dark green, I was holding out for something cream or beige. Dark green doesn’t really go.

Just kidding, it would be great to have it but practically can we fit it in without a major reshuffle.



patrick at neavey.net

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