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is there something about the laser needing a dust free environment? how would we get round that? a plastic tent over it?

All the best


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I'll be there on Thursday 

On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 3:59 PM, matthew venn <matt at mattvenn.net> wrote:

good news everyone! Rob has had a chat with his surveyor and says as long as we are happy to:
>	1. move the laser to g10, 
>	2. give people inductions with advice on what materials are acceptable
>	3. have everyone in g10 sign something that says they are ok with the laser being there
>then we can start lasering again!
>Dominic, is it ok if we move the cutter next door?
>I'll sort out #3
>Can we get a crack team of volunteers together on Thursday eve to move the laser and set up extraction to the window?
>Matthew Venn

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