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matthew venn matt at mattvenn.net
Tue Feb 26 20:16:18 UTC 2013

Thanks Nathan. I've ordered one of those radios anyway because it looks
like a useful tool.
I found this blogpost
About using SDR to reverse engineer a 433mhz energy monitor.

The GEO stuff comes with a display and an internet bridge, which would
probably be much easier to get the data out of.
However, being able to dispense with the above would make each installation
about £80 cheaper.

Could I borrow your radio for a week?


On 26 February 2013 20:11, Nathan Dumont <lists at nathandumont.com> wrote:

> I won't be at the project night, I was thinking about coming but I'll be
> away for work I'm afraid.
> The software radio is pretty cheap (mine cost about £20 on eBay). Using it
> is a little arcane though, the software is designed and written by RF
> engineers and there's very little incentive to make it very user friendly.
> If you want to have a look the software is GNURadio and the hardware I've
> got comes under the "rtlsdr" collection of cheap hackable TV tuner sticks.
> Using it to reverse engineer an over the air protocol is going to take
> some time even with the tool.
> By baseband I really just meant a UART or something. I'm not all that
> familiar with the product but I guess there must be some way to hook it up
> to a computer, you might be able to adapt that interface to your project.
> Nathan
> On Feb 26, 2013 7:19 PM, "matthew venn" <matt at mattvenn.net> wrote:
>> Nathan,
>> thanks for the response.
>> I think you need more info about the protocol either from a written
>>> source or by using a spectrum analyser or software radio.  If you're in on
>>> Thursday I can have a snoop with my software radio, I think it will do that
>>> frequency.
>> That would be great, unfortunately I'm not around this Thursday. Are you
>> coming to the Tuesday workshop? Otherwise, a software radio sounds handy,
>> are they expensive?
>>> You might find your time is better spent hacking a GEO module and
>>> accessing one of their own radios at baseband.
>>> Does baseband mean the signal that's going into the radio? If so, I'm
>> not sure how I'll get access to this because the radio is built into the
>> microcontroller.
>> I have already written to GEO to ask them to share, but no reply as yet
>> and I'm not holding out for them!
>> Matt
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