[hackspacebristol] Raspberry Pi jam

matthew venn matt at mattvenn.net
Thu Jan 3 12:57:12 UTC 2013

Tuesday 15th is the decided date for the next raspberry pi jam. Thanks for
filling in the doodle!
See you then!

On 12 December 2012 11:01, matthew venn <matt at mattvenn.net> wrote:

> Great to see Jon, Russel, Dan, Max, Arwyn, Chris, Barney and Tarim last
> night! Apologies from Ian and John H.
> How about another one on another Tuesday in January? If you're interested
> please check the doodle and pick your best Tuesday.
> http://www.doodle.com/mcbskidp3zwntikb
> Also, unless anyone has objections I'd like to spend some hackspace funds
> to buy a couple of Raspberry Pis for the hackspace.
> That way future pi jams can be more usefully attended by the pi-less.
> Matt
> --
> Matthew Venn
> mattvenn.net

Matthew Venn
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