[hackspacebristol] Maker Faire Ideas

Barney Livingston barney at barnoid.org.uk
Mon Jan 14 22:51:14 UTC 2013


>From my Maker Faire experience, noisy things need to be loud to be heard, and 
there will be 3D printers all over the place, yes.

I like the floor turtles plan. I could help restore them. Perhaps we could do 
the optical punch-card thing as a way of programming them. I'm picturing a 
device that holds cards vertically with a motorised thing that moves along 
them reading the punched holes. Could do simple loops for drawing polygons 

I also like the zeppelin, controllable, with camera. Big screen on our stand 
will bring in the punters.

I fully intend to bring Twitbeeb, and possibly another BBC/Raspberry Pi combo.

Depending on whether the National Museum of Computing are coming we should 
definitely get a few or more exhibits from John's Museum of Computing. These 
will need volunteers to mind them, demo, keep the stickier fingers off, etc.

We'll need to get some more marketing materials printed up, t-shirts, orange 
plastic cogs etc.


On Monday 14 Jan 2013 20:03:45 Nathan Dumont wrote:
> Evening all,
> I think Bristol Hackspace really needs some fun collaborative project to
> get us some attention at this year's Bristol Mini Maker Faire.
> From my experience at a couple of Maker Faires last year it's worth noting
> that a Maker Faire isn't like a model engineering exhibition, very few of
> the people will have any appreciation for skill/time put into a static
> project demo they can only look at.  A lot of people will expect something
> to take away with them.  If there's something hands on it will help get
> attention.
> Some ideas I've had to get the ball rolling:
> Punch card music box:
> Actually not punched cards, they're probably too hard to make on the fly.
> I suggest a matrix of LEDs used as light sensors, a sheet of OHP film and
> some 1/4" circular stickers.  12 rows of LEDs each represent a semi-tone
> and maybe 30 columns are time steps.  A selection of nursery-rhyme template
> songs could be provided to let people put their own stickers down to make a
> tune.  Educational and fun.  There's a lot of work here, much of it tedious.
> Floor Turtles:
> I've got a pair of the real old school grade floor turtles which are going
> to need some work to provide a suitable battery replacements but should be
> working and tough enough to withstand a "hands on" exhibit.  This'll need a
> lot of floor space and I don't think the pen's are included so they'll
> either need an obstacle course or some work to make the pens go.
> LED "Poke a mole":
> Use a fairly large LED matrix and in-between the usual multiplexed driving
> reverse the process and use the LEDs as sensors.  Light a random LED and
> wait for someone to poke it.  I don't know how feasible this is, I've not
> tested any light sensing with LEDs and I've not found a source for 8mm LED
> matrix modules.
> Zeppelin:
> A big helium filled airship to float around the atrium area with the
> hackspace logo on it.  I found some kits for indoor airships which aren't
> too expensive and the helium is available from ASDA amongst other
> suppliers.  Ideally we'd have a camera on it but the weight/lift ratio is
> critical on these things as they rely on neutral buoyancy so it'd be
> difficult to achieve.  This needs serious work, we need to know if we'll be
> allowed to fly it in the atrium, because it's so light I should think
> that'll be okay (falling balloons probably won't cause injury), but still
> needs checking.  It's probably going to need at least one flight test
> before the day so probably two lots of helium.  There was a suggestion that
> we hook it up to the touch table some how to display the camera feed and
> control it so that's going to need software.
> Sorry for the wall of text, I hope it gets some ideas stirring.  We're
> going to need to get a plan together pretty quickly, we've only got a
> couple of months.
> Cheers,
> Nathan

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