[hackspacebristol] Input for the OpenSCAD workshop

Chris Wallace kit.wallace at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 15:53:59 UTC 2013

Hi Matt

A friend in London now has a Makerbot so I'm encouraged to learn some
openSCAD. I've even had my first object printed!. I've just posted a blog
about experiences so far.


One challenge I guess we all face is how to construct objects using the
available primitives and operators. Maybe one starts with a 'carpentry'
style,gluing disjoint objects with union() and chiselling and drilling out
waste using difference().  What I find was more challenging is using
union() with overlapping objects, using intersection() and more exotic
operators minkowski() and hull(). Understanding what the operator does is
not the same as being able to use it in construction.  One feature I find
very useful is animation. The blog shows a use of animation to explore the
space of objects generated by a parameterised module, in thus case  solids
generated using intersections.  Another issue  is overcoming the inability
to create vectors dynamically, leading to the need to generate scad from a
more expressive language like python.  I haven't looked at ways to generate
DXF (or scad) suitable to use with extrude but that's something I'll need
to do.

I'm puttng any designs worth  keeping up on github

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