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Are you going to get this sent out to Uni depts? Won't pass it on there if
you're going to go through more official channels :)

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> This piece of text is going out to people to distribute on their mailing
> lists - please feel free to forward it to anyone or any list you think
> relevant.
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> Saturday 23rd March is the date set for Bristol's first Mini Maker Faire,
> a family-friendly event at which people show what they are making,
> including projects in progress as well as finished work, and share what
> they are learning.
> It takes place at M Shed <http://mshed.org/>, and is one of the
> community-driven, independently produced Mini Maker Faire events inspired
> by the Maker Faires in the US.
> Typically, Maker Faires and Mini Maker faires include stalls run by those
> who are involved in Robotics, Music Performance and Participation, Textile
> Arts and Crafts, Bicycles, Kites, Green Tech, Puppets, Home Energy
> Monitoring, Rockets and RC Toys, 3D printing, Radios, Vintage Computers and
> Game Systems, Electric Vehicles, Biology/Biotech and Chemistry
> Projects, Shelter (Tents, Domes, etc.), Unusual Tools or Machines, and How
> to Fix Things or Take them Apart (Vacuums, Clocks, Washing Machines, etc.)
> The organisers are currently looking for makers who would enjoy being part
> of this show-and-tell event, and invite anyone who is interested to contact
> them via this online form: *http://tinyurl.com/Call2MakersBMMF *
> *
> *
> For an taste of what you might expect to find at M Shed on 23rd March, see
> the  Brighton Mini Maker Faire <http://www.makerfairebrighton.com/>.
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