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Price for extraction is:

The price for a Base1 extraction system is £1416 plus carriage & VAT.****

** **

We like the concept of Hackspace and FabLABs so I would be pleased to offer
a spare pre filter and spare hepa filter (worth £162.50) if ordered before
the end of February.

Also I'm looking into a second hand unit on ebay.

Someone else want to have a look at the cost of exterior venting system?


On 23 January 2013 20:46, matthew venn <matt at mattvenn.net> wrote:

> Stephen from Hobarts says this:
> Local authorities are responsible for setting rules and regulations and
> for enforcing them. Therefore, there will be differences depending on your
> location. You will need to find out what applies in your area but I will
> give you some general guidelines.****
> ** **
> What you currently do is not acceptable. It is possible to vent to
> atmosphere but you will probably be expected to have the outlet 2 metres
> above roof height. You should also filter the fumes/debris before pushing
> them into the atmosphere. You might get dispensation for filters if you are
> in a rural location and if there is no chance of anyone inhaling them. If
> you are in a built up area you will need filters. As you currently vent at
> face level it won't be long before you get complaints from the public.****
> ** **
> It seems to me that you have two options:****
> ** **
> Venting to atmosphere****
> This is possible but you will need raise the level of the outlet. If your
> building is low-rise that might be possible. You will need to introduce a
> cabinet to house the filters and a pump powerful enough to push the
> fumes/debris up to the outlet. I will need more information from you eg
> distance from laser to outlet and height of chimney before giving you a
> quote.****
> ** **
> Venting to workplace****
> If the previous option is not viable because of building costs etc, it is
> possible to add an extraction unit. This will be connected to the laser and
> will filter fumes/debris and recycle clean air into the workplace. Such a
> unit is going to cost around £1400. (refurbished units are often available,
> second hand units are sometimes offered to us but not often.
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> Matthew Venn
> mattvenn.net

Matthew Venn
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