[hackspacebristol] openscad workshop a success! Other Tuesday ideas?

matthew venn matt at mattvenn.net
Wed Jan 30 12:30:44 UTC 2013

Hi all,

thanks to those who came and gave their time to run a great workshop! We
had our best ever Tuesday night turnout and plenty of people gave good

I did a little writeup here:
http://bristol.hackspace.org.uk/2013/01/openscad-workshop/ with some pics.

Mike, hopefully the material here:
http://bristol.hackspace.org.uk/wiki/doku.php/openscadworkshop and on the
blog post above should get your started with your own openscad workshop.
Make sure everyone brings a laptop with openscad already installed. It was
a nice touch to use a 3d printer after to print a small model that one of
our participants had made.

In the end we didn't really follow a program. We got people modelling and
then we had enough people helping to ensure no one got too frustrated.

Anyone want to help run another Tuesday doing something different? Anyone
want to share some skills?


Matthew Venn
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